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March 2012

The NCRG’s Impact on the Field of Research: 10,000 Citations and Counting

by: NCRG Staff | Mar 21, 2012

How does one measure the impact of research on a field of study and its implications on health care? The NCRG recently completed an analysis of its research grants to understand how the organization is helping to foster a better understanding of gambling disorders and responsible gaming. Publication in a peer-reviewed journal is one way to assess the quality of the research and measure impact on the field. Not only did the count of publications from NCRG-funded research surpass 200 articles, but an analysis using Google Scholar revealed that these publications have been cited more than 10,000 times in the scientific literature.

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Take the Interactive Quiz and Test Your Knowledge of College Basketball and College Gambling

by: NCRG Staff | Mar 18, 2012

Did your favorite college men’s and women’s basketball teams make it through the first few rounds of the NCAA tournament? It’s that time of year when people around the nation are cheering for their favorite college hoops teams and may be placing bets on the games. Visit our March Madness interactive quiz on while you’re watching the games to learn more about gambling and gambling issues on college campuses.


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NCRG Releases New Video and Resources to Educate about College Gambling

by: NCRG Staff | Mar 13, 2012

What do college basketball and college gambling have in common? March is a good time to learn about both. As the NCAA basketball tournament approaches, college students and basketball fans across the country are filling out their brackets, and some may even place a wager on the games. During March Madness, the NCRG is launching a public awareness initiative to encourage college administrators, campus health professionals, students and parents to learn more about college gambling and gambling-related harms. The campaign also helps to educate students about how to make responsible decisions about gambling.

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NCRG on the Road: Taping the March Madness video

by: NCRG Staff | Mar 8, 2012

The NCRG on the Road blog series includes posts from NCRG staff members as they travel to continue the organization’s mission of funding the highest-quality research on gambling disorders and increasing public education opportunities. This post is from Amy Martin, the NCRG’s communications and outreach manager, about her recent trip to Denver, Colo.

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to fly to the Rocky Mountains to tape footage for the NCRG’s video news release for our campaign that will highlight during the upcoming NCAA basketball tournament. Christine Reilly, senior research director for the NCRG, and Holly Wetzel, vice president of communications for the American Gaming Association, joined me on this trip. We were at the University of Denver for a few days to shoot the video and talk with members of the Task Force on College Gambling Policies, Problem Gambling Coalition of Colorado (PGCC) and the Colorado Gaming Association.

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NCRG on the Road: Presenting at the NCAA Missouri Gambling Summit

by: NCRG Staff | Mar 6, 2012

As part of the NCRG’s continuing effort to educate stakeholders about gambling disorders and responsible gaming, members of the NCRG staff will be traveling across the nation to conduct treatment provider workshops, speak at national conferences and meet with new groups to discuss the research and resources that the NCRG has to offer. Amy Martin, communications and outreach manager for the NCRG, will be blogging about her experiences on the road as she helps reach out to new audiences for the NCRG. Amy recently traveled to Columbia, Mo., to co-present at the NCAA Missouri Gambling Summit with Dr. Matthew Martens of the University of Missouri – Columbia.

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