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NCRG on the Road: New Horizons in Responsible Gaming

by: NCRG Staff | Jan 30, 2014

The NCRG’s Amy Kugler is at the New Horizons in Responsible Gambling conference in Vancouver, BC. This two-day event is designed to cover responsible gaming from an international prospective, bringing together members of the gaming industry, researchers and clinicians to discuss best practices for responsible gaming programs. Watch this video to learn the highlights of the first day of the conference and stay tuned to the NCRG on Twitter and Facebook for more.

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Hi Amy:  Thanks for coming to

Hi Amy:  Thanks for coming to Vancouver, and thanks for covering the New Horizons event.  Sorry we didn’t connect personally while you were here.  Just wanted to let you and your followers know that the various presentations will be posted on the conference website ( just as soon as we can.

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