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NCRG’s Amy Kugler Discusses the Importance of Responsible Gaming Partnerships

by: NCRG Staff | Feb 14, 2013

Amy Kugler, NCRG Communications and Outreach ManagerOver the past 17 years, the NCRG has seen the value of building long-lasting partnerships in order to best address gambling disorders and responsible gaming as a public health issue.  From industry leaders to national public health organizations and government officials, collaboration among diverse groups is key to effectively increasing awareness and finding solutions that benefit the community as a whole.

Featured on Global Gaming Expo’s (G2E) blog today, NCRG Communications and Outreach Manager Amy Kugler takes a look at the NCRG’s emphasis on successful partnerships and the organization’s many initiatives for 2013.

Click here to read Amy’s blog post, “Building Partnerships to Address Responsible Gaming.”

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