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APA Approves the NCRG to be Continuing Education Provider

by: NCRG Staff | Jun 3, 2011

The National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) is pleased to announce that we are now approved by the American Psychological Association (APA) to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. We are very excited for this new accreditation option! This achievement enhances the NCRG’s ability to offer advanced training, webinars and workshops on gambling addiction to the APA’s more than 154,000 members.

Organizations approved by the APA to provide continuing education opportunities must pass a rigorous review by the APA’s 14-member Continuing Education Committee to ensure that the highest level of quality is maintained in program planning, management and delivery. Participants who took part in yesterday’s NCRG webinar session “ A New Resource for Campus Professionals” are eligible for one hour of continuing education credit through the APA. This new approval will also be available for the 12th annual NCRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction from October 2 – 4, 2011 in Las Vegas, Nev., upcoming 2011 NCRG Webinar Series and regional treatment provider workshops that will be announced in the coming weeks.

Glenn Christenson, chairman of the NCRG, is also very excited about this development. He said:

 “The APA’s approval of the NCRG as a continuing education sponsor will allow the NCRG to assist and train more psychologists and other treatment providers with programs based on the highest quality, peer-reviewed research on pathological and problem gambling. It is a tremendous opportunity for the NCRG to further fulfill its mission to encourage the application of new research findings to improve prevention, diagnostic, intervention and treatment strategies.”

Stay tuned for more information about trainings and workshops that will be announced for 2011. Make sure you subscribe to the Gambling Disorders 360 blog by typing in your email address into the submission box on the right column of this page. You can also follow the NCRG on Facebook or Twitter for the latest news and information about the NCRG!

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