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by: Institute Staff | Apr 1, 2011

What do college basketball and college gambling have in common? Now is a good time to learn about both.  Click here to take the National Center for Responsible Gaming’s (NCRG) new interactive quiz to learn some fun facts about the NCAA tournament at the same time you increase your knowledge about responsible gaming and the risks of gambling disorders.  The animated interactive quiz was created to help promote and celebrate the launch of the NCRG’s new resource,  Please let us know what you think about the site, its information and the interactive quiz in the Comments below.

You can also listen to the informational media call about from the launch this week. Click below to hear from: Glenn Christenson, Chairman of the NCRG Board of Directors; Christine Reilly, Senior Research Director for the NCRG; and Patricia Ketcham, Ph.D., CHES, chair of the Advisory Committee. To learn more about Dr. Ketcham’s thoughts about, you can click here to read the NCRG’s interview.

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