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NCRG Updates: Seed Grant Application Deadline is May 2, 2011

by: Institute Staff | Apr 21, 2011

The application deadline for the NCRG’s Seed Grants is quickly approaching – May 2, 2011. Make sure you download the announcement and application form to apply today!

The Seed Grants program provides up to $25,000 to support small research projects that can be completed in one year. Seed Grant projects can include pilot and feasibility studies, secondary analysis of existing data, small, self-contained research projects and development of research methodology or new research technology. The Seed Grant is one of five types of the NCRG grants designed to increase the number of researchers in the field and encourage new investigators to explore gambling disorders research. The NCRG will award more than $700,000 in grant funding in 2011 – nearly twice the amount funded in 2010.

The NCRG expects to award three Seed Grants in 2011, so make sure to complete your applications and apply by May 2! For more information on the application process, please see the Seed Grant announcement and download an application form. You can also find examples of previously funded studies on our Funded Project Grants page.

Questions or comments? You can leave them in the Comments section below or contact Christine Reilly, Senior Research Director, at creilly [at] ncrg [dot] org.

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