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NCRG Updates: The 2010 Annual Report is Now Online and the NCRG Launches Twitter Account

by: NCRG Staff | Apr 28, 2011

If you have been following the Gambling Disorders 360˚ blog, you have heard about the NCRG’s many accomplishments in 2010. To highlight our successful year and look forward to the NCRG’s 2011 initiatives, we released the NCRG’s 2010 Annual Report online this week. We also began some of the 2011 social media initiatives as the NCRG officially launched its Twitter account, @theNCRG!

2010 was an exceptional year for the NCRG. We conducted successful events, from the informative Road Tour in Cleveland, Ohio to the annual conference in Las Vegas, Nev. We enhanced our social media presence by creating this blog and using it as a platform to discuss the finest peer-reviewed research and enhance the awareness of pathological gambling and responsible gaming among new audiences. The NCRG built upon the 2009 recommendations of the Task Force on College Gambling Policies to develop, a first-of-its-kind resource to address gambling and gambling related harms on college campuses. You can read the full annual report by clicking here.

On the heels of the annual report, we would like to give you a preview of what is to come in 2011:

-  The 12th Annual NCRG Conference on Gambling and Addiction will be held on October 2-4 at the Las Vegas Sands and Convention Center, co-locating with Global Gaming Expo to continue providing valuable information about gambling disorders to a wider audience.

-  The NCRG Webinar Series is increasing the number of sessions and engaging in an exciting partnership with NAADAC, the Association for Addiction Professionals.

-  We announced that the NCRG will allocate more than $700,000 for research grants in 2011 – nearly twice the amount funded in 2010.

-  We will build upon the success of the Road Tour by hosting additional workshops for problem gambling treatment providers in various cities across the U.S.

-  The NCRG will also enhance its online presence through new traditional and social media avenues.


This week, the NCRG took one more step to advance research, education and awareness online about pathological and youth gambling. The NCRG is pleased to announce that it is now on Twitter. If you are on the social network, follow @theNCRG or look for our updates on We look forward to connecting with you on Twitter with up-to-date information on research on pathological and youth gambling, videos about the NCRG’s work, program and conference updates, and resources that help you translate research findings into real-world applications.

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We welcome your feedback on what information you want to see on Gambling Disorders 360˚ or any of our social networks. Please leave a comment in the section below!

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