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NCRG Launches

by: NCRG Staff | Mar 29, 2011

Today, the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG) launched, a new resource to help colleges and universities address gambling and gambling-related harms on campus. View the press release announcing the launch.

The first site of its kind, brings together the latest research and best practices in responsible gaming and the field of addiction awareness and prevention in order to provide a substantive and versatile resource that will help schools and their students address this important issue in the way that best fits each school’s needs. School administrators are encouraged to use the College Policy Toolkit including on the site, and campus health professionals can easily locate and distribute the materials in their health centers.  

Research finds that 75 percent of college students gambled during the past year (whether legally or illegally, on campus or off). While the vast majority of those old enough to legally gamble can do so responsibly, the most recent research estimates that 6 percent of college students in the U.S. have a serious gambling problem that can result in psychological difficulties, unmanageable debt and failing grades. For those who are not of legal age to gamble, there is no safe level of gambling. is a comprehensive resource for students, campus administrators, campus health professionals and parents. In addition to providing those who are concerned about a gambling problem with resources to find help, the website includes separate sections for each of these audiences and content is tailored to address the needs, questions and concerns of these groups.

The site also offers free collateral materials, such as brochures about college gambling and responsible gambling, fact sheets, posters, and stickers, which can help raise awareness about gambling and gambling disorders on campus.

The development of was guided by an advisory committee of leading scientists, clinicians and student life experts. The NCRG has relied on the Advisory Committee to help ensure the materials created for the site are firmly grounded in the highest-quality research on these issues and will be effective for the intended audiences. builds on the recommendations of the Task Force on College Gambling Policies, which provide schools with a roadmap for reducing gambling among students and enabling those who are struggling with addiction to participate more fully in college life. View the Task Force’s “Call to Action” report.

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Thanks so much for the email

Thanks so much for the email you sent as I replied please do not hesitate to get any statistics or behavioral information data that we have that may be useful in the cause and fight for responsible gambling in college students.

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